Today is the day I die


OK.  So that’s definitely over the top.  But today is my last day of work and what do I find myself worrying about?  Updating my LinkedIn profile:  What is everyone going to think?  How do I communicate with everyone so that when I come back from this sailing adventure I can get another J O B.  Or whatever.

I’m having this feeling on steroids right now because I just watched a documentary called “Teen. Paparazzo” by Adrian Grenier.  (The movie star from Entourage.)  It was pretty good and it was all about the need we have for recognition.  There was a great quote in there by some behaviorist who had studied monkeys and found that they would give up food to look at two kinds of pictures: the leaders of their pack, and sexy bottoms.  Seems we haven’t evolved so much after all.

But seriously, I am excited about going sailing, about all the adventures I’ll have over the next year, and it’ll be great.  Really.  No nervousness at all about whether anyone will remember me.  And I’m writing this blog for me.  Really. I am.

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