2014 Holiday Season: Rules of Attraction

Rules of Attraction thumbBefore retailers can convert customers, they must first attract them. This is becoming a lost art, but search retargeting can provide the data and customer strategy to restore it – just in time for the holiday sales season of 2014.

Rules of Attraction thumb

As the leader in search retargeting, Magnetic enables marketers to attract new prospects and retain current customers by combining the power of intent data with digital advertising. Download your copy of Rules of Attraction today!

Magnetic Survives First Ever SnowMAGeddon!

Over the weekend of March 7-9, the Magnetic team in Los Angeles hosted a weekend getaway for a group of stellar agency clients at Mammoth Mountain. The lively bunch enjoyed a festive bus ride up to Mammoth, beautiful conditions at the slopes and even a Saturday night Mardi Gras dinner bash to top it all off!

Thanks to our trusty Go Pros, some epic highlights from the weekend’s escapades are captured for your enjoyment:

Thanks for joining us! For more info on upcoming Magnetic events, check out our website.

SnowMAGeddon SnowMAGeddon
SnowMAGeddon SnowMAGeddon Magnetic Swag SnowMAGeddon

Interactive Insiders Chicago 11.12.13

On the evening of 11.12.13, Magnetic welcomed Chicago’s top digital ad execs to Interactive Insiders for an exclusive evening of cocktails, dinner, and lively discussions at David Burke’s Primehouse. Our guests represented a diverse cross section of digital marketers in the Chicago area, all with a shared interest in the evening’s focal point, “Embracing the Dynamics of Multi-Screen Consumers.”

The expert hosts included Magnetic’s CEO, James Green, Josh Dreller from Kenshoo, and Kalyana Prattipati from Accuen. Each speaker contributed a unique view on the evening’s topic and helped incite meaningful discussions around current challenges and potential solutions. Dreller kicked off the evening with insight into the growth of multi-screen engagement, sharing proprietary research from Kenshoo on the “Three World Screen.” This sparked a lively debate regarding shopping behaviors across screens, with a particular focus on mobile devices. Prattipati then transitioned into an engaging conversation on how marketers can embrace the new multi-screen ecosystem. Green closed the evening by sharing insight on potential solutions for measurement across screens, and why marketers need attribution modeling now more than ever.

Stay tuned for our future events coming to a city near you!

Interactive Insiders


Magnetic Hits the Slopes @ Search Insider Summit


Get ready for some fun competition on the slopes at this year’s Search Insider Summit, December 2013!

Magnetic is sponsoring the first-ever ski competition Search Insider Summit (SIS) at Park City, Utah’s Deer Valley Resort December 8-11!

We welcome skiers of all levels to join us for two days of competition down Deer Valley’s famed Nastar race hill and throughout Deer Valley’s Ski Resort (#1 ski resort in North America by the readers of SKI Magazine).

We’ll film the entire competition with our own video crew and equip competitors with G0-Pro cameras to record their individual runs. Afterwards we’ll review all footage in order to award prizes to the winners across our unique and fun categories: Fastest, Best Wipeout, Best Ski Run, Best Form, Most Original Style and more! Winners will be announced at the Magnetic-sponsored SIS cocktail party on Tuesday, December 10th @ 6:30pm.

If you plan to attend this winter’s Mediapost Search Insider Summit, be sure to check back with us on more details for the competition!

Confirmed attendees for this year’s Search Insider Summit event include brand marketing executives from Unilever, IBM, Expedia, Walmart, Experian, AARP, Best Western, The Home Depot, Williams Sonoma and more.

See you on the slopes!

DMA2013: Who Gets Credit for Online Purchases?

DMA2013 Header

Magnetic CEO James Green attended Chicago’s DMA2013 on Oct. 14th to moderate an expert panel focused entirely on attribution. The panel, consisting of digital ad industry experts from C3 Metrics, Google, Adometry and Adobe, represented a wide array of outlooks on current attribution models, how measurement varies depending on campaign type, viewability, and ways to make attribution actionable.

James’ panel “Attribution: Who Gets Credit for Online Purchases,” included the following speakers:

Panel Highlights

  • Types of Attribution Modeling (algorithmic & rules-based)
  • How to look beyond last click/last event
  • Key metrics: The relationship between ads and ROI
  • Cross channel campaign analysis: breaking down silos
  • Why attribution is challenging
  • How to accurately measure retargeting campaigns

Watch the entire panel here.

West Coast Viewability Roadshow

SF Viewability

This past week Magnetic brought its famed Viewability Roadshow Series to the West Coast, landing in San Francisco and Los Angeles for back-to-back evenings of networking, cocktails, and expert insights.

Following an energetic hour of networking and cocktails at San Francisco’s Clift Hotel, guests joined a panel discussion focused on “RTB: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.” Magnetic’s CEO James Green moderated a group of industry trailblazers, including John Battelle of Federated Media, Mark Donovan of comScore, Ian Johnson of IPG Mediabrands Audience Platform, and Scott Knoll of Integral Ad Science.

 Catch up on the panel’s engaging discussion via some of the evening’s top tweets:

  • ‏‪Scott Knoll from ‪@Integralads, what keeps you up at night? The above or below the fold lexicon. ‪#viewability  ‪#RTB ‪#AttributionRevolution
  • ‏‪What are the various types of fraud? Clutter, stacking and bots. 90% of fraud is coming from bots. ‪@Integralads ‪#AttributionRevolution
  • ‏‪@scrippscomm How do you make fraudulent activity less cost effective for actors commit that fraud? ‪@johnbattelle ‪#AttributionRevolution
  • ‏‪

How can industry players change attribution modeling to solve for viewability? ‪#AttributionRevolution ‪#viewability ‪#adtech ‪#SF
  • ‏‪RTB offers canvas on which to be creative again. Innovation budgets could help solve for viewability. ‪@johnbattelle ‪#AttributionRevolution
  • @JamesANGreen Final thought: We do what buyers tell us to do. We want to do what’s right. ‪#AttributionRevolution

LA Viewability

Following San Francisco’s event, The Viewability Roadshow traveled to its second stop in the West Coast series, arriving at Los Angeles’ SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. Guests enjoyed evening cocktails and appetizers on the SLS’s beautiful Garden Terrace. For our expert panel, we welcomed two panelists back from our SF event (Mark from comScore and Scott from Integral), and introduced two new So-Cal additions: Autumn White (OMD) and Chris Eberle (Federated Media). The So-Cal crowd of agencies and brands weren’t shy at all when it came to participating in our panel’s discussion!

Check out highlights from LA’s Viewability panel below:

  • ‏‪The ad being in view is the initial hurdle we have to get over before we have other performance convos. @joygantic #AttributionRevolution
  • ‏‪@JamesANGreen We constantly face challenge of having to measure campaign’s success on last click or last view. #AttributionRevolution
  • ‏‪For RTB to get to $8billion annual revenue we need more widespread predictive modeling for performance campaigns #AttributionRevolution
  • ‏‪Magnetic’s @JamesANGreen It’s important we’re honest about what’s happening. If we don’t admit to fraud, we won’t resolve it. #AttributionRevolution
  • ‏‪How can agencies face the music regarding fraud? How do we explain the challenges we still face in digital? #AttributionRevolution
  • @JamesANGreen If we own up to challenges now, sooner rather than later, we can proactively help clients understand how to work better.

This is just the beginning of The Viewability Roadshow. This traveling panel series will hit up more cities in 2014. Stay tuned!

For a sneak peak at the panel series and discussions surrounding viewability, check out the teaser video:

Viewability Roadshow Highlights: NYC

Magnetic’s NYC Attribution Revolution kickstarted the Viewability Roadshow by hosting a panel of industry experts focused on Viewability in RTB: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. Magnetic CEO James Green moderated the panel made up of ad tech’s foremost thought leaders, including top execs from Xaxis, Federated Media, Integral Ad Science, and comScore.

The panel covered a wide range of industry hot topics, evident in the event’s Twitter coverage:

Check out our Attribution Revolution sizzle reel: 

Additional insights from NYC’s Viewability Panel:

Magnetic’s NYC Attribution Revolution 10/9/13

Viewability in RTB: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Viewability in RTB: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


Last week’s (10/9/13) Attribution Revolution event at the Gansevoort Park Ave was a huge success (check our Instagram), with a great turnout and notable press coverage. AdExchanger covered the event and even transcribed some of our panelists’ key takeaways. Here’s a snippet: 

A panel covering RTB and “viewability” played to a packed room atop the Gansevoort Park Hotel in New York last night.

What commenced was a (congenially heated, at times) meeting of the minds between James Green, CEO of Magnetic; Anne Hunter, SVP of global marketing strategy at comScore; Brian Gleason, managing director, North America, Xaxis; David Hahn, SVP of product management, Integral Ad Science; and Walter Knapp, COO of Federated Media Publishing. Magnetic hosted the event.
According to recent figures published by eMarketer, marketers will spend some $3.34 billion on real-time bidded ads this year. With 65 million websites in the world, the ability to buy inventory programmatically “gives marketers the ability to take the guesswork” out of the equation, Gleason said. However, “understanding who the user is and what the end action we want out of that interaction is key.”
To increase the performance of RTB, understanding viewable ad impressions and the inherent obstacles – from weeding out nonhuman traffic and botnets to uncovering hidden or otherwise obfuscated ad impressions – is the challenge at hand for both buyers and sellers.
The wide-ranging panel, called “The Attribution Revolution 2.0,” touched on viewable ad accreditation and instating data quality measures as a buffer against fraud, among other things.

Here’s our Attribution Revolution sizzle reel, also accessible on Magnetic’s YouTube Channel:

We’re looking very forward to similarly successful events in SF and LA next week! Our event is exclusively geared towards top brand marketers and agencies, featuring cocktails, networking and hors d’oeuvre along with our expert panel presentation. Request your invite today! See you on the West Coast! 




Magnetic CEO @ OMMA Display Sept. 23-24 at NY Marriott Marquis

OMMA Display

Magnetic CEO James Green was a panelist at OMMA Display this past September.

Panel: Cookie Wars: Is It Time To Face Up To The Post-Cookie World? (VIDEO)

An entire ad economy and infrastructure has been built on the premise of third party cookies tracking, accumulating and easily passing user data across partners, exchanges and trading desks. But as browsers start shutting tracking off by default, privacy experts and industry reps start parsing the real meaning of “Do Not Track” and much of Internet usage is migrating to cookie-unfriendly mobile platforms anyway, is it time to rethink this? What is the state of the argument now among industry reps like the IAB and watchdogs and regulators? Should the ad supply chain be looking for post-cookie solutions that preserve privacy and allow true cross-platform targeting?



See the official program details listed on the agenda page online. Check out live tweets using the official event hashtag: #MPOMMA.