SMX Advanced London- Remarketing For Fun And Profit

SMX Advanced London- Remarketing For Fun And Profit

SMX Advanced is the only search marketing conference designed exclusively for experienced internet marketers.

Advanced Paid Search Track

Remarketing For Fun And Profit – Some call it remarketing; others call it retargeting, but if you aren’t doing it you’re squandering both money and opportunity to build stronger relationships with your customers. Remarketing involves understanding user intent via search, and then subsequently advertising to each individual with a combination of search, display or other online ads beyond search, reinforcing your messaging and increasing the likelihood of conversion. Sounds complicated, but recent developments have made it relatively easy to launch and run remarketing campaigns. Our panelists show you how.


Josh Shatkin-Margolis, CEO , Magnetic

Guy Levine, CEO, Return On Digital

Stuart Meyler, President, Beeby Clark+Meyler

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