Magnetic + comScore Present, “The Future of Search is Search Retargeting”

In June 2011, US internet users ran over 27 billion searches; however, only 4% of a user’s time is actually spent in the search engine, while 96% of their time is spent on content, commerce and communication sites. The question becomes, “how do you take the power of search and apply it to display, where users spend a majority of their time?” It’s simple, search retargeting.

On August 11th at 2pm EDT, Josh Shatkin-Margolis, CEO at Magnetic and comScore’s Search Evangelist, Eli Goodman will take the industry through a detailed look into the state of search and the changing role of the search engine. In this presentation, Magnetic & comScore will educate audiences about:

  • Understanding the synergy between search ads and display ads
  • How to leverage search data and creative opportunities beyond the search engine
  • Tactical insights on how to run effective search retargeting within your own campaigns
  • Search retargeting and how it fits into marketer’s digital strategy

To sign-up for the complimentary webinar, click here.

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