How To Host a Terrarium Making Party

It’s a little embarrassing to admit the amount of love I have for the recent terrarium craze. And you don’t need a green thumb to share this excitement with your friends (just keep wine on hand for the nervous folks who are botanically challenged). Grab some soil and supplies from your local garden center and have friends bring their own terrarium vessel – clear vases, bowls, and many glass storage containers all work well. Cover your work surface with newspaper or craft paper and get ready to get DIRTY!




What You Need:


Potting Soil (or Cactus Soil for succulents and desert plants)
Activated Charcoal
Plants (ferns, orchids, mosses)
Decorative Ornaments (sticks, dried flowers, miniature people & animals)

1. Add a thin layer of pebbles to your terrarium (about 1 inch). This will act as a water drainage system for your terrarium.

2. Add a thin layer of charcoal. The charcoal will filter any extraneous water, prevent mold, and keep the terrarium smelling fresh.

3. Spoon the potting soil into the terrarium, adding enough soil for your plants to root. The pebbles, charcoal, and soil should take up about 1/3rd of your terrarium.

4. Add your plants. Start with the larger plants first, positioning them in the middle of the terrarium (digging a hole into the potting soil will help to make room).

5. Add decorative touches. If using moss, drape it around the positioned plants.

Additional Notes: If making an enclosed terrarium, wait 1 week before adding the lid. Condensation may cause non-living items to mold faster. Water open terrariums once a week and closed terrariums once a month, depending on soil dampness. You want the soil to be mildly wet, not bone dry.

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