Google: Evil or Not?

A recent story surfaced on Gizmodo called “The Case Against Google.” It sheds light on the search giant’s dark side. Here’s a brief except:

At some point in the recent past, the Mountain View brass realized that owning the Web is not enough to survive. It makes sense—people are increasingly using non Web-based avenues to access the Internet, and Google would be remiss to not make a play for that business. The problem is that in branching out, Google has also abandoned its core principles and values.

Many of us have entered into a contract with the ur search company because its claims to be a good actor inspired our trust. Google has always claimed to put the interests of the user first. It’s worth questioning whether or not that’s still the case. Has Google reached a point where it mustbe evil?

While some readers agree with the author, a majority of those who chose to comment on the Gizmodo piece do not. Read the full article and judge for yourself: The Case Against Google


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