Attribution Revolution: The Mobile Series in NYC

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This past Tuesday, Magnetic kicked off Attribution Revolution: The Mobile Series at New York City’s Dream Downtown. Our panel discussed the mobile changes currently facing advertisers, best practices, and how the industry can help to solve for cross-device attribution. Discussions centered around mobile challenges and opportunities for marketers, including cross-device targeting, tailoring the user experience for mobile, and the importance of incorporating all devices into your attribution model.

The panel included:

James Green, CEO, Magnetic

Duncan McCall, CEO, PlaceIQ
Dwight Crow, Product Manager for Direct Response Advertising, Facebook
Nick Jordan, SVP of Product, Tapad
Paul Pellman, Head of Adometry, Google

Some of our favorite panelist quotes of the evening circulated around the importance of understanding user behavior on all screens and devices:

  • “If you don’t have a cross-device strategy, you don’t have a mobile strategy.” - Nick Jordan
  • “Mobile adds another dimension to attribution.” - James Green
  • “Unless you are giving us cross-device, you are not getting the results you want.” – Dwight Crow
  • “Creative must feel comfortable on the device. Don’t focus on screen size, focus on tailoring user experience.” – Nick Jordan

See the full panel video and pictures below:



James Green Moderating Panel at J.D. Power 2014 Automotive Marketing Roundtable

Magnetic will be at the J.D. Power 2014 Automotive Marketing Roundtable on Oct. 14 – 16. Our CEO, James Green, will moderate a panel called: “Looking Under the Hood: Exploring Ad Viewability and Issues Related to Bots and Suspicious Traffic.” This interactive discussion will educate auto brands on the true meaning of viewability, and share insights on how to combat ad fraud and block the bots.

Regardless of whether you’re an advertiser or publisher buying inventory direct or via an exchange, it’s in your best interest to ensure your ads are actually viewed. Watch the below video to learn more about viewability in display advertising.

Viewability originated as a simple matter of determining whether or not an ad was seen on the screen. It has now morphed into a complex matter involving real-time and programmatic buying, with a need for standardized viewing metrics. The brunt of the issue comes from sites (also referred to as “bad actors”) that claim to have what appears to be significant traffic, and offer those impressions on exchanges. These sites don’t provide audiences with content and/or useful information, and instead are hyper-focused on generating traffic (commonly referred to as “suspicious”) and fraudulent clicks.


2014 Summer Search Auto Trends

The automotive industry never sleeps in the world of online search. Magnetic’s search data from summer 2014 revealed the top auto industry searches across car manufacturers and auto-related search categories.

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Advertisers within the automotive vertical have the opportunity to turn prospects into car intenders through the power of search intent and data-driven display advertising.

Click on our infographic below for more insights!





2014 Holiday Season: Rules of Attraction

Rules of Attraction thumbBefore retailers can convert customers, they must first attract them. This is becoming a lost art, but search retargeting can provide the data and customer strategy to restore it – just in time for the holiday sales season of 2014.

Rules of Attraction thumb

As the leader in search retargeting, Magnetic enables marketers to attract new prospects and retain current customers by combining the power of intent data with digital advertising. Download your copy of Rules of Attraction today!