Magnetic Survives First Ever SnowMAGeddon!

Over the weekend of March 7-9, the Magnetic team in Los Angeles hosted a weekend getaway for a group of stellar agency clients at Mammoth Mountain. The lively bunch enjoyed a festive bus ride up to Mammoth, beautiful conditions at the slopes and even a Saturday night Mardi Gras dinner bash to top it all off!

Thanks to our trusty Go Pros, some epic highlights from the weekend’s escapades are captured for your enjoyment:

Thanks for joining us! For more info on upcoming Magnetic events, check out our website.

SnowMAGeddon SnowMAGeddon
SnowMAGeddon SnowMAGeddon Magnetic Swag SnowMAGeddon

Magnetic’s Ad Viewability Series Visits Chicago

ARV Chicago

Magnetic’s 2014 roadshow series, Attribution Revolution, opened to an incredibly packed house on Tuesday, March 4th at Chicago’s theWit Hotel.

David Hahn of Integral Ad Science kicked off the panel with a live demonstration of how a botnet-infected computer can serve thousands of fraudulent ads within a very short time-frame. The demo revealed that within just one hour, the infected computer had been served about 2,600 ads. David also pointed out that users rarely notice the presence of a botnet since it operates below the browser.

Panel conversations also covered the value that real-time buying brings to the market, and the core challenges associated with fraud and non-human traffic in display advertising.

Themes of the evening included:

Defining & Addressing Ad Viewability: Panelists referred to the IAB standard definition for viewability, which entails that an ad is in view if 50% of it is visible on the page for at least one second. Citing comScore’s viewability monitoring efforts, Gian Fulgoni explained, “the numbers of non-viewable ads are pretty big—about 46% [of] served ads are in view, so over half are not.” 

Education & Awareness: sovrn Holding’s Scott Cunningham expanded on the need for publisher education on how to better implement ad tracking and brand safety technology, in order to enable truly effective fraud protection measures.

Industry Adoption: Philip Shih from VivaKi prompted panelists and audience members to consider the evolution of the digital advertising space. He highlighted the importance of knowing that fraud-prevention tools exist, but warned that there will surely be an adoption period before the buy-side and sell-side can fully adapt. Once adoption occurs at a wider scale, we will start to see the true value of audiences, content, and finally, how we should think about pricing and signals.

Standardization: Panelists commented on industry initiatives working towards standardization, including the Media Rating Council (MRC) and IAB’s Traffic Of Good Intent (TOGI) task force. The question on everyone’s minds is this: will implementing standards be what drives up CPMs, and will we see a clear price difference for high quality inventory?

Solutions & Technology: Solutions offered by the panel included implementing large scale blacklists, purging suspicious traffic sources from publishers’ inventory, and utilizing technology partners that offer real-time fraud monitoring and viewability assurance.

A Post-Cookie World & Future of Media: What will the post-cookie world entail? Discussions included plausible alternatives to the antiquated cookie attribution methodology, and highlighted that the future is all about determining the root cause of purchase intent.

Watch the entire panel here:

The next stops on our Viewability Roadshow series are Boston (4/2) and Detroit (4/10). If you are an agency or brand marketer and want to attend, request an invite here:

Magnetic’s Valentine’s Day Search Highlights

Valentine’s Day should be celebrated the entire week if you ask us! Who doesn’t love flowers, jewelry, and chocolates?

According to Magnetic’s insights, spikes in search activity can show marketers the way to consumers’ hearts for next year’s holiday. (Hint: search retargeting may be most effective between February 3-12.)

Valentines Keyboard

Magnetic looked at searches over the two week period preceeding February 14th and identified definitive trends related to Valentine’s Day-themed searches. Top searches during this time frame included Valentine’s Day-related categories such as online flower delivery, online flower coupons, diamond jewelry, and various chocolate brands.

Click on our info-graphic below for more insights!

2014 Valentine's Day Searches

2014 Super Bowl Search Highlights

With over 500,000 searches this year for the phrase “Best Super Bowl Commercials 2014,” it is no surprise that advertisements during the big weekend directly influenced consumers to search online for specific brands. This year, the most searched-for brands reached consumers through a variety of tactics, including social media, commercial advertisements, and live appearances. Brands of note included Maserati Ghibli, Puppy Bowl, Budweiser, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Bruno Mars.

Blog-Post-ImageMagnetic captured popular search queries driven by this year’s Super Bowl across a variety of categories, including brand and product-level keywords. CPG, entertainment and auto were among the most widely searched for verticals. One great example was Maserati Ghibli’s commercial, which generated over 200,000 searches and 2 Million YouTube views. Many viewers searched online for the Maserati product, and even more specifically, for the price of the advertised vehicle – which happened to be left out of the commercial.

Click below for a deeper look into what consumers searched for this Super Bowl weekend!


Search Insider Summit: Can You Hear Me Now?

SIS Banner

Magnetic took Deer Valley by storm at Media Post’s Search Insider Summit Dec 8-11th. Hundreds of top digital marketing execs gathered from across the country for panels, roundtable discussions and networking aimed at deciphering today’s top innovations and challenges facing the digital advertising industry. 

On the final day of the summit, Magnetic CEO James Green took part in an expert panel entitled “Can You Hear Me Now?” alongside industry experts representing very diverse viewpoints. The panel focused on voice command gadgets and the future of wearable technology. 

James’ panel covered topics including: 

  • Evolution of voice/gesture assistance technology and voice search
  • Popular products like Siri and Google Glass
  • Evolution of these technologies over the past year and how far we’ve really come

Expert panelists included:



Watch the panel by clicking on the snap shot below, enjoy!

Can You Hear Me Now?


Interactive Insiders Chicago 11.12.13

On the evening of 11.12.13, Magnetic welcomed Chicago’s top digital ad execs to Interactive Insiders for an exclusive evening of cocktails, dinner, and lively discussions at David Burke’s Primehouse. Our guests represented a diverse cross section of digital marketers in the Chicago area, all with a shared interest in the evening’s focal point, “Embracing the Dynamics of Multi-Screen Consumers.”

The expert hosts included Magnetic’s CEO, James Green, Josh Dreller from Kenshoo, and Kalyana Prattipati from Accuen. Each speaker contributed a unique view on the evening’s topic and helped incite meaningful discussions around current challenges and potential solutions. Dreller kicked off the evening with insight into the growth of multi-screen engagement, sharing proprietary research from Kenshoo on the “Three World Screen.” This sparked a lively debate regarding shopping behaviors across screens, with a particular focus on mobile devices. Prattipati then transitioned into an engaging conversation on how marketers can embrace the new multi-screen ecosystem. Green closed the evening by sharing insight on potential solutions for measurement across screens, and why marketers need attribution modeling now more than ever.

Stay tuned for our future events coming to a city near you!

Interactive Insiders


Magnetic Hits the Slopes @ Search Insider Summit


Get ready for some fun competition on the slopes at this year’s Search Insider Summit, December 2013!

Magnetic is sponsoring the first-ever ski competition Search Insider Summit (SIS) at Park City, Utah’s Deer Valley Resort December 8-11!

We welcome skiers of all levels to join us for two days of competition down Deer Valley’s famed Nastar race hill and throughout Deer Valley’s Ski Resort (#1 ski resort in North America by the readers of SKI Magazine).

We’ll film the entire competition with our own video crew and equip competitors with G0-Pro cameras to record their individual runs. Afterwards we’ll review all footage in order to award prizes to the winners across our unique and fun categories: Fastest, Best Wipeout, Best Ski Run, Best Form, Most Original Style and more! Winners will be announced at the Magnetic-sponsored SIS cocktail party on Tuesday, December 10th @ 6:30pm.

If you plan to attend this winter’s Mediapost Search Insider Summit, be sure to check back with us on more details for the competition!

Confirmed attendees for this year’s Search Insider Summit event include brand marketing executives from Unilever, IBM, Expedia, Walmart, Experian, AARP, Best Western, The Home Depot, Williams Sonoma and more.

See you on the slopes!

DMA2013: Who Gets Credit for Online Purchases?

DMA2013 Header

Magnetic CEO James Green attended Chicago’s DMA2013 on Oct. 14th to moderate an expert panel focused entirely on attribution. The panel, consisting of digital ad industry experts from C3 Metrics, Google, Adometry and Adobe, represented a wide array of outlooks on current attribution models, how measurement varies depending on campaign type, viewability, and ways to make attribution actionable.

James’ panel “Attribution: Who Gets Credit for Online Purchases,” included the following speakers:

Panel Highlights

  • Types of Attribution Modeling (algorithmic & rules-based)
  • How to look beyond last click/last event
  • Key metrics: The relationship between ads and ROI
  • Cross channel campaign analysis: breaking down silos
  • Why attribution is challenging
  • How to accurately measure retargeting campaigns

Watch the entire panel here.