OMMA Breakdown: Search & the New Retargeting

At OMMA Behavioral, Josh Shatkin-Margolis, CEO at Magnetic, kicked off the “Search and the New Retargeting” panel by defining search retargeting as the concept for targeting display ads based on user search history.

The panel, which included senior agency executives, search experts and search retargeting companies, ruffled some feathers as various viewpoints flew across the stage. One of the topics discussed was the problem around the siloed channels where the panel experts weighed in on whether or not agencies were really breaking down the walls between search and display.  Although the conversation took a deep dive into the difference between search and display teams, the audience also learned where they are beginning to come together.

Another hot button was what Rob Griffin, EVP, Global Director of Product Development, Havas Digital, calls the “Land Grab,” where he shared his sentiments about the copious number of companies in the space vying for his and his teams attention. In this rundown, Rob shared with the audience how he makes decision as to which ones to partner with.

Additional topics covered how search retargeting works for both direct response and awareness campaigns, the challenges agencies face with the allocation of resources and the attribution problems facing digital channels.

Watch the complete video here.

Search Retargeting “the Gateway to Display Opportunities for Search Advertisers”

In a new series from Magnetic CEO, Josh Shatkin-Margolis, titled “All Marketers Are Geniuses,” Josh gets close up with marketers to understand their challenges, goals, and personal perspective on the digital media landscape.

The first installment of the new interview series, “How to Leverage (and streamline) Data for Marketing Success” features Harrison Magun, SVP Paid Media & Analytics at Covario, a search agency focused on paid search advertising, organic search marketing, social media integration, display advertising, and cross-media attribution analysis.

In the article, Magun also calls search retargeting “the gateway to display opportunities for search advertisers.”

Magun goes on to explain that, “we are experiencing the continuing trend of consumers wanting to live online, not just transact online. Another significant trend within digital marketing revenue growth is the increase in display advertising spend, which is expected by many (including eMarketer) to eclipse search in three years. So we’ll see more digital dollars, and, specifically, more display dollars.”

Additional topics covered in the article include the impact of search on display, where digital media is falling short and most of all, why marketers are geniuses…

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